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What was the most challenging position you have held? How do you bring a can-do attitude and strong work ethic to your job? It was a good first job and learned a lot there. Connect with our community. I started at 8am and finished at

Store Assistant – Entry-level store assistants work part-time or full-time on the Home Bargains shop floor. Major job duties include filling store shelves with merchandise, locating items for shoppers, and cleaning shop locations.

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Leaving the shop in nothing more then a nice country pancake. Also, the company doesn't give a flying pig.

Whether or not you do an 18 hour shift then start 6 hours after that shift ended. Its almost as if common law doesn't apply to them. Oh and if your under the age of 18 prepare to be exploited and worked as much as a member of management.

But hey, if you want to work for a company like this, go for it. And if you want to become management then all you have to do is tell the area manager about a couple the have no idea what your doing, will fit right in!

This company is the cheekiest of moos! Ease bake ,pontypool working as part of a team and responsible for various cleaning and packing duties to ensure the cleanliness of the building complying with all proper safety. The worst company ive ever worked for it was good at first customers was saying i was doing a good job i worked at the one in Colchester i worked on the tills. The manager Daniel bradley was nice at first but i had to do a stock take and needed extra help as i hadent done one in my previous jobs in retail i did it in the end but that wasent enough they never told me how long my trial was for.

Was there for 3 weeks. I passed the training but i made mistakes at first but in the end i got really good at my job then some staff colleges went back to the manager talk about 2 faced! Customers moaned about the service dont blame them at all. Sue a manager started on me she always was rude will never work there again! Wot sort of company dont tell you about the trial??

Bad company to work for. The list is endless! Where do I start??? You get treated like something the cat dragged in. Basically, if you want to be treated like you're still in primary school. Rotas being constantly changed without letting you know. You make plans around the rotas only to find they've changed when you go in for your next shift. If you have kids, then make sure your childminder is as flexible as home bargains needs them to be.

A 16 hour contract. If you struggle to get in because of public transport. Don't even think about trying to have a natter with your colleagues. The best thing is though. I started at 8am and finished at Oh what fun to get 50 odd cages in, 6 people to get them out in a tiny time slot of 4 hours, which of course can turn into double that time, 5 days a week! No consideration is taken for the endless reasons why 4 hours is sometimes impossible. Not allowed to move even if there are no customers!

People have been sacked on the spot for petty little things that should have gone through disciplinary procedures, therefore giving the impression that none of our jobs were safe, and when this is putting meals on the table, what else are we to do, but comply to these selfish bigots who run the company. The amount of times the management stroll around or as I say "they just mince about with a clipboard and pen" They never get stuck in when the delivery comes in, this is the only company I have ever worked for where the management do not get stuck in with the hard graft.

Love working here pure class bantz with the occasional fitty coming into store. Great place to work for plenty of opportunities. I've worked for home bargins for 5weeks. I worked along side the store fitters who are can come across tough but they have deadlines and 5 days to make a empty unit into a store. They are acturally really nice if your willing to pull your weight.

The company doesn't take on lead sales everyone is a shop assistant and who ever shines in the first couple of weeks can then Apply for lead sales, you'll have to have another interview for this.

I didn't get lead sales the first time I applied but it made me pull my socks up and work harder and show that I can do it. This isn't just a retail job if your a hard working person this company for a career opportunity. I've met some lovely people in the last few weeks.

I'm a 20 year old apart of mangement earning more money than what I would been able to if I stayed in my career that I spent 3years in college to get. Above min wage, great company to work for if your mangement after 6months you'll receive bonuses after stock checks. Head office don't care about the staff and don't back you. I worked for home bargains for 5 months and I really did give them my all as my manager during that time said that I was one of his best employees but after one customer complained to head office that I swore on the shop floor and was aggressive to him HR sacked me without even known the real me.

Although the CCTV footage would actually show the customer approaching myself aggressively but this footage was not reviewed. Patronising assistant manger, Too much over stock, Two faced and immature colleagues, not allowed to stand up for yourselfs. I started working for this company not so long since, it took just less than 2 weeks until I realized What I was working for, the management is absolutely poor and level of backstabbing between these colleagues is outrageous!

The manager I had were very unfriendly, wernt bothered about me or anybody else but herself and her numerous cigarette breaks per hour! She withheld my passport for 2 bloody week! Don't even read the company policies as the rules have all changed and the manager will make you seem as if your digging at them. Overall do not work for this company! Big Brother and No Appreciation. Staff are normally assigned to a 4 hour shift on a daily or so basis and are expected to do the impossible most of the time.

The hours on the rota keep getting cut They doesn't realise that it makes a huge difference and has a negative impact. Staff are expected to do way to much and if one of the management team well, they aren't a team, they are horrible pack of robots! The management are in their own bubble and speak to staff like pieces of dirt. They regularly go out for cigarette breaks: As long as they get what they want, they do not care for the staff.

Pathetic excuse for staff morale. Whereas the management get big bonuses for meeting targets, cutting hours etc which means they literally crack the whip on the staff.

They are so horrible when it comes to breaks. If they stopped cutting shifts and hours down, it will make working there more manageable. I quit within a few weeks due to the horrible management and the poor appreciation and lack of respect from the company and managers. Really think this company should be reviewed by some people higher up in society Staff morale is so low. Short breaks if any, low pay, too much work, backstabbing management, expecting a lot. Ok for a first job but not great.

When i first started working at Home bargains as part of the fill shift our induction day involved listening on how to operate tills etc although this information was useless to me as only the female members of staff go onto the tills. I was quite surprised to receive no training what so ever. When you first start you are expected to complete a cage of stock on your own in 45 minutes.

This is next to impossible as you don't know where any items in store are and the shelves are normally full of stock requiring a reshuffle of the complete shelve. There is also strict guidelines on how stock should be displayed on isles however you are not told this and after you put the items where you think it should go you will shortly learn after a harsh telling off from one of the managers.

Unfortunately this normally equates to "You need to improve, work faster" without any help in ways to accomplish that. The management of the store is generally quite poor. From your first day you will be treated horribly and will only help you if you ask. There is also the fact that some managers work differently to others so doing something good in the eyes of one manager often gets a telling off from another. After reading a few reviews already posted on here it seems that the stores are a lot alike.

The managers are quite rude towards you, offer no support and are hard to get along with. This is an OK job for a first time worker of school leaver to get experience working.

Good job for a school leaver. I am 38 and was unemployed for a few months so took the job as I was desperate. Your contract will be 16 or 20 hours a week. Full time vacancies are for supervisors or managers only.

Our mission is to sell top quality items at the lowest price, as well as providing the best customer service. Now one of the largest privately owned companies in the UK, we have come a long way since our first store opening in With stores spanning the country, and new stores opening every single week, we have no intention of slowing down.

Home Bargains is a family business with family values. Don't just settle for a career — come and join the family. View All Home Bargains Videos. Here at Home Bargains, we believe that in order to provide the best customer service, we need happy, hard working store teams.

Given the fast-paced nature of our business, no two days are ever alike. That gives quick-thinking, problem-solving people like you the opportunity to utilise and showcase your abilities every day. A career with wings.

We believe that as we continue to grow, you should too. Our rapid expansion means we are able to invest in our people like never before, ensuring that no potential is ever wasted.

With positions all around the UK and roles as diverse as our employees themselves, it is safe to say that a career with Home Bargains can take you anywhere you want to go. But don't just take our word for it, here are a few examples Maz spent his first 5 years with the company as a Sales Assistant in our Walsall branch while he finished his education. In he took a position as a Lead Sales in the same branch and since then has flown through the store ranks.

Receiving a promotion nearly every year of his career since, he now works as part of our Senior Field Management team supporting stores in the south east of England.

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