Working From Home Policy

The company will assess whether you can perform the role just as well away from the business working on your own. Like it or not, biut WAH is a future. So get on board and accept that you are the part of the problems, not the employees. As they might be restricted from getting all of their normal daily work done, they have to know how their working remotely will impact their colleagues who have to shuffle work to allow them to be productive. You policy may allow for manager discretion, but unless you are monitoring this for consistency, you willl run into disgruntled employees claiming one manager is more lenient than others. In some cases, I understand that working from a non-company location can destroy the confidentiality protections that exist for an employee's work when done within the company's computer network. In my last role, we were a dispersed company.

Work from Home Policy Sample This Work from Home Policy template can be tailored to your company’s needs and is designed as a starting point for establishing employment policies on working from home.

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Work From Home Policy

First, though, you’ve got to first figure out what you actually want your work-from-home policy to be and why. I’m a huge fan of telecommuting, but there are plenty of legitimate reasons for wanting people to work from the office most of the example: the work you do is collaborative, it’s hard to schedule meetings when people are . This Employee remote work policy template is ready to be tailored to your company’s needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your employment policies. Our Employee remote work policy outlines our guidelines for employees who work from a location other than our offices. We. Home» Sample Documents» Telecommuting Policy Sample The Sample Telework Program Policy below was developed by, a former initiative of EnterpriseSeattle (no longer in operation).