11 High Paying Work From Home Jobs without a Degree

A virtual bookkeeper does the same type of work a location dependent bookkeeper would do. The Work at Home Woman is for geared for U. An online fitness coach helps her clients reach health and wellness goals. You can find translator jobs one all the major job search sites such as Indeed or Career Builder. This company hires work at home registered nurses for telephone triage.

Aug 05,  · According to their analysis, below are the 10 highest paying telecommuting jobs. Also be sure to check out the top companies offering work-from-home opportunities and the 20 most common telecommuting jobs. 1. Medical Director - $, 2. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - $, 3. Vice President Marketing - .

Looking For More Legit Work at Home Jobs?

You can do this through videos, a blog, a podcast or a combination of these things. Being a virtual assistant has been one of my favorite online jobs mostly because of its diversity.

As a virtual assistant there are a number of different tasks you can perform and lots of room to specialize and carve out your own niche. Some common tasks performed by virtual assistants include booking appointments, handling email, handling customer service, scheduling blog posts, creating graphics, helping with social media, making phone calls and more.

This job is a good fit for those who pay close attention to detail and are able to switch from task to task easily. The best way to get started is to build your own platform and reach out to potential clients.

You can read about how I got started here. I also have a list of companies who hire virtual assistants here. Proofreaders check documents for grammatical and spelling errors. Many online publications and bloggers hire proofreaders and so do magazines, authors, and local publications.

This job is a good fit for those who have excellent grammatical skills and pay close attention to detail. The best way to get started is through networking and outreach. My friend, Caitlyn Pile, has a free webinar on general proofreading if you think you might be interested. None of the jobs above require a college degree. If you already have the skills needed for one of these opportunities you can start building your career today!

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I feel like almost every job — even entry level jobs — require an undergrad degree nowadays. Yeah, I see that a lot too BUT there are definitely some good opportunities without a degree, especially for those willing to freelance.

Buffer provides web-based social media management solutions. They allow all their workers to work remotely, and they provide transparent salary information. I love that you linked to training for the work at home opportunities. With the right skills anyone can do it successfully. Not only the one who are well-educated can find good jobs. Although I suggest them to go for a career in transcription, here I can find lots of other ways to make good money.

Please suggest a good home based online income, that is genuine n no investment required. I just want to work and get paid for the work. Check out this article: I am grateful for all of the information that you put out.

However, as a District of Columbia resident, I notice that your list of jobs by state does not contain work at home opportunities for Washington, DC residents.

Was this an oversight? Your email address will not be published. Need help writing your proposal? Here are some articles to help you get started. Join a Direct Sales Company. Here are some companies with fun opportunities: Starting a Business on a Budget? Become an Independent Business Owner. Here are some business ideas you can start from home: Studies have shown if you like this blog post — you will also love the following articles.

Content updated December 31, The Work at Home Woman is for U. Please check out FlexJobs for international listings: Check out FlexJobs; they have a great international job board!

I need information on freelance translation jobs in famous companies please. Hi Dana, Here are some home-based translation companies: Hi Holly, Can you believe this year is almost over? Definitely passing this along! Have a great day and rest of the week! Glad you enjoyed the list! As always, thanks for the comment and stopping by The Work at Home Woman! Hi Holly, I am very grateful for all of the information that you have provided us. Inside Sales and Team building opportunities?

Good luck and keep us posted! Thank you for your suggestions. I will look into these paid writing gigs. Hi Paola, Congrats on your new job! The Work at Home Woman is for geared for U. Please check out FlexJobs for global opportunities. I am from macedonia. Work from home for me??? Take a look at FlexJobs for international work-at-home jobs: Good luck on taking your hobby full-time.

Glad you enjoyed the list, Sami. This is a web development company that allows all employees to work remotely. They have occasional openings for web and design engineers, designers, developers, etc.

This company has regular remote openings for editors and also translators. One year prior experience and certification is required. Work remotely for A Pass Educational group as an educational subject matter expert.

This company, which specializes in web and app development, is often looking for developers with great coding skills to add to their team. Everyone works at home. The positions come and go, so you'll have to keep tabs on the site to see when they are open. They are often looking for editors, proofreaders, book jacket designers, etc. Buffer provides web-based social media management solutions.

They allow all their workers to work remotely, and they provide transparent salary information. This company hires work at home registered nurses for telephone triage. It's a flexible, work anytime job that pays weekly. You can read our overview of tutoring jobs at Chegg for more info on how it works.

RN or higher license is required. Github is a software company that allows many of its employees to work remotely. They have regular openings for techy positions like developers, engineers, etc. They have openings for remote video medical interpreters on occasion. The company is highly selective and not all jobs are remote. Prior teaching experience is required and a bachelor's degree is preferred.

10. Pharmaceutical sales

"So often, people have the notion that work-from-home jobs are all low-skill or low-wage positions, but these jobs help to show that there are high-level, professional, and well-paying work-from-home jobs available," says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs. Related work-from-home job titles: Financial Analyst, Fiscal Officer, Controller, Financial Services Senior Associate, Senior Internal Audit Associate, Financial Consultant. If you are in the market for one of the highest-paying work-from-home jobs, consider focusing your search on keywords. FlexJobs, an online service specializing in telecommuting and remote work, recently sifted through its listings for legitimate remote jobs that don't require four years of college. Each of the below positions pay more than $45, a year, according to median annual salary data from PayScale, and does not require a bachelor's degree.