Will Facebook actually hire 3,000 content moderators, or will they outsource?

What is the sick leave policy like? Zuckerberg and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg may boast about all these hires, but there are no job openings for "content moderator" on the Facebook Online Operations website. Any company willing to use such underhand and deliberately misleading tactics certainly should not be trusted with your credit card details, or even your email address. Transcriptionist - Transcription For Everyone. What is the interview process like?

Is Facebook hiring work at home employees? Report Abuse I received a personal message from a Phyllis? at the bottom right of my screen saying I was selected to work from home for Facebook.

Facebook Work from home Jobs

Videos of murders and suicides are posted regularly on Facebook, and now the company has vowed to keep that kind of content off the site. In a recent post , Mark Zuckerberg said his company will hire 3, content moderators this year to, "help us get better at removing things we don't allow on Facebook like hate speech and child exploitation.

Zuckerberg and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg may boast about all these hires, but there are no job openings for "content moderator" on the Facebook Online Operations website.

The company has remained mum when asked by reporters whether these jobs will be in-house or outsourced. They will be doing some of the company's most harrowing work without the benefits of Facebook's health care plan or job security.

For years now, Facebook has outsourced content moderation to staffing companies whose contractors spend all day looking for offensive or illegal content. Often these content moderators do their jobs as task work from home or in cubicles from large call centers around the world.

They also report feeling like exiles from the companies whose work they do. Facebook Life Facebook Life Every day, we encourage you to bring your authentic self to work.

People are at the heart of every connection we build. We design products and deliver services that bring the world closer together — one connection at a time. We're Just Getting Started. So far, we've connected more than 2 billion people — which means we still have more than 5 billion to go.

The scale and complexity of our work are unprecedented, and the work we do makes a real difference in the lives of people around the world. Our commitment to innovation ensures that users will continue to enjoy state of the art AR effects and VR experiences in immersive technologies moving forward.

I still get a large amount of fulfillment from seeing my work make a meaningful impact on so many people's lives. Wish you could be your true self at work? At Facebook, you can. According to this message, Facebook has released a new work from home program. The report bills itself as official 'Facebook News' and implies via a headline that Facebook is currently hiring people for the program.

It claims that people can potentially make thousands of dollars per month but warns that only a limited number of 'positions' are available. However, the message is a scam. Facebook has not launched any program like the one described.

And, the supposed news report is not associated with Facebook in any way. The fake page is just an attempt to trick users into signing up for the decidedly dodgy 'Facebook Millionaire Kit'.


At Facebook, you’ll do the best work of your career. Every day, you’ll have new problems to solve—and meet new people to learn from. And we’re committed to supporting the learning you need to grow. A new Facebook hoax claims that you can enter a “Work From Home” program, and make enough money to live comfortably. Unfortunately, this post is nothing more than another Facebook scam. The Facebook “Work From Home” scam claims that Facebook is hiring workers who want to make money from the comfort of their own couch. If you’re having trouble getting started on your work-from-home job search, these five companies often hire work-from-home employees. Just keep an eye on them. If you want a particular type of work, ask about what you’ll be doing before accepting the job.