False promises from a work-at-home scam

That FTC article does not tell us how to resolve this. Although the jobs are different, the message is the same—you can earn a great living working from home, even in your spare time. My assignment was to send an invoice to a company in Florida for equipment purchased from. There's also someone named Lauren Dreyer doing the exact same thing. Crotalus August 28, reply.

Some people fall victim to some of the biggest work-at-home scams on the Internet today, simply because they are searching for a legitimate work-at-home job. Unfortunately, many people don't know about the existence of these scams, and often times they are directed at WAHMs like you.

The Top 10 Home-Based Business/Work-At-Home Scams

If growing pot gets you a jail sentence if caught, those who prey on innocent people should get the death penalty. This company has a huge internet presence and their website looks legitimate.

It showcases many company presentations and associationss. The Managing Partner, Michael Mobley from Impetus Solutions LLC responded to my job inquiry and invited me to accept the position with a questionnaire followed by an emailed contract. Long story short, the bottom line is I never heard from him after I was asked to make a good faith donation to A Little Faith Foundation.

This man my supposed employer was moving from Arizona to Florida and needed his new personal assistant to set up his office and purchase office equipment by him sending checks to deposit electronically into personal assistants bank account THAT is unethical and at that point I realized it had to be a huge scam. The details in your comment are great for a formal report, which you can file at ftc. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters. I have received repeated calls from a man identifying himself as Robert Rothchild.

He insists I have a large sum of uncollected prize money, which has now been turned over to the Federal Trade Commission for an attempted final distribution. I can, of course, have the money directly deposited into my account free of charge, OR I can pay to have it hand delivered to my residence. I have told him time and again I don't believe his scam, and he still calls and leaves a phone number so I'll return his call, which I never have done.

Thank you so much for the alerts that I get so that I can pass them along to my grandchildren and it also helps me since I am older. I print these alerts out and keep them in a folder. I read everything that you write and love the fact that you are helping people every single day. Thanks for caring and you continue to do a fantastic job. I feel that any work at home job that you get online is most likely a scam especially if it just sounds too good to be true.

Follow the money trail. If the "employer" can't clearly explain where the money's coming from, it's probably coming from you. That's not a business model you want to get mixed up with.

I did check out that FTC link a few weeks ago. I am a Devorah grad, with in enormous student loans debt when I only needed 1. I never was contacted about a class-action suit, if that was it. DeVry had to pay that huge amount, if it is not coming back to the prior students, where did that money go and how can we get our loans reduced or paid off?

I am getting automated calls saying that DeVry students can now get their loans reduced or cancelled out.

Can you please direct us to a legitimate source that can help us get our student loans reduced or cancelled, an attorney's info or other contact info? That FTC article does not tell us how to resolve this. I just happened upon the FTC website when looking for something else. I appreciate any assistance you can give us, so we can get fix this. Thank you, from Donna, a graduate of DeVry.

You don't have to pay someone to help you refinance your loans. You can call your lender or loan servicer yourself. You can read information on their website about refinancing options. The FTC settlement required DeVry to forgive and cancel the entire unpaid balance of all private student loans DeVry University made directly to students between September 1, and September 30, If you were eligible for loan or debt forgiveness you should have gotten a letter or email from DeVry by the end of January, To be eligible for a partial refund from the FTC, you had to meet four eligibility criteria.

Go here to see the four eligibility criteria. In July , the FTC sent checks to the people who met the four eligibility criteria. Several years ago I went along with my son to DeVry to interview with them about their computer degrees.

Their programs sounded great: Until we got to sticker shock: No way, as I am an expert at finding free government funded college options, which I did in my home town.

About a year later I learned the "truth" about DeVry's courses and job prospects. So glad the price tag scared me away so easily.

Wondering, i got a job offer from a travel website to work from home as an Administrative Assistant. The hiring manager told me that I will be receiving a check on the mail to buy software for a new computer sent from the hiring company.

I have done my research on this wondering if this is fraudlent, but haven't found any information. What else can I do?

You also might try checking out a company with your local consumer protection agency or your state Attorney General — not only where the company is located, but also where you live. The company check might be a red flag. They contact you from every trustworthy company and even send you links to the actual company site.

If they contact you by text or email and ask you to contact them through google hangout, it's a scam. I get these text daily. I've asked them to stop contacting me but still meone new does everyday. Google and check out the company don't deposit any checks. I was recently approached on LinkedIn about a job to work at home and be a debt collector for what appears to be a legit company in Japan. I was to send my information and interest to an email address of someone that was also listed in LinkedIn as an employee of the company.

Although they called from the number on the company site , I missed the call and everything has been email. I signed an employment agreement and after several days got my assignment. My assignment was to send an invoice to a company in Florida for equipment purchased from.

The company is a legitimate company, or appears to be. My company instructed me to send the customer an invoice and then call them to determine payment instructions. I got an answer from the email asking where to send the payment, name, address, company name and an ID card.

This sent up a red flag to me. I responded to my company asking for this information and I am waiting for response. It feels like a scam but it is very elaborate.

I have not had anyone ask me to deposit a check or wire money but I know if they do that I need to find work elsewhere. This is heartbreaking because I have been out of work 3 years and I am about to lose my house! If you gave the hiring company your bank information, you could contact your bank and ask how to protect your account. Read about job scams that recruit people to deposit and transfer funds. The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database. A scam company claims to be Bristol Myers Squibb and offers you a work at home job that pays They send you an offer letter using the company logo. Then, they will send you a check in the mail to buy software. It is your choice whether to submit a comment. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment. The Federal Trade Commission Act authorizes this information collection for purposes of managing online comments.

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August 17, by Andrew Johnson. What tasks will I have to perform? Are any other steps involved? What is the total cost of this work-at-home program? What will I get for my money? Will I be paid a salary or commission? Who will pay me? When will I get my first paycheck? What is the basis for your claims about my likely earnings? What documents can you show me to prove your claims are true before I give you any money? Comments Reliford55 August 17, reply.

SharonO October 13, reply. Peter Franklin the person who wasted my time. Job seeker December 4, reply. Paul Dwight August 17, reply. Cgenesis September 14, reply.

June 26, reply. Sincerely, Arthur J Plourde. There is no such thing as a free lunch! Cindye October 20, reply. No need to spend too much time or money on this one. How better to capitalize on it than making money by typing at home? Like 8, this scam tries to turn you into a scammer! To be completely true, it should read: This is much the same spam as 5, above. One big problem with MLMs, though, is when the pyramid and the ladder-climbing become more important than selling the actual product or service.

If the MLM business opportunity is all about finding new recruits rather than selling products or services, beware: The Federal Trade Commission may consider it to be a pyramid scheme… and not only can you lose all your money, but you can be charged with fraud, too!

We saw an interesting MLM scam recently: Does that sound like free to you? Actually, the only thing you might be one day is prosecuted for fraud. This is a classic pyramid scheme, and most times the names in the chain emails are manipulated to make sure only the people at the top of the list the true scammers make any money.

This is THE classic work-at-home scam. And the pre-addressed, pre-paid envelopes? Then you stuff that envelope with another flyer and send it to them. Many scammers are very cunning, so being smart is NOT enough to protect yourself. Every day smart subscribers thank us saying they would have been scammed if they didn't subscribe to ScamBusters. Don't take a chance. Are You at Risk? However, before we get going, an important point: Subscribe to Internet ScamBusters: Please enter your first name and full email address below.

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In addition, there are some sites that can help you determine what a real work-at-home job is, and what isn't. Scams can also be an issue when looking for jobs that don't involve working at home. Job sites try to police the listings, but it's hard to catch all the bad listings in a timely manner. The top three online scams in India are work from home, lottery scams and fake bank email scam, says a new multi-market survey, adding that despite the growing awareness, new online scams are. Dec 13,  · To learn more about work-at-home schemes, also check out the Federal Trade Commission's business-opportunities website and the National Fraud Information Center, 16 Work-At-Home Scams To Avoid.