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Moving to and living in Austria requires a wealth of up-to-date, trustworthy information on various aspects of Austrian expat life. June - October Main Crops: Type a place name or click the map to begin your search. We are pleased to offer a range of property in Austria. For Refugees We help you find work and connect with employers. You must carry with you:

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Many people get their title or academic degree included in their passports and they even a master "Magister" degree is written before the name.

Most titles are used instead of a name when referring to a person directly, for example "Herr Magister" or "Frau Doktor". Most elderly Austrians are confused by these and try to translate them.

Greet and thank when entering a shop, leaving a bus and at all other occasions when interacting with people. This is socially dependent. Traditionally, a gentleman would open doors for a lady, help her into the coat, move her chair, and so on. This is good etiquette , and is still common in certain social environments in Austria.

However, especially among left-wing, feminist women, such behaviour can be seen as patronising and anachronistic. If in doubt, just ask. Personally, I prefer the conservative way, but found compromises with the few feminists among my friends. Austria is among the lucky countries in which train delays of five minutes get announced at the platforms with an apology.

Punctuality is a big deal and you should call your host if you are running late. For dinners, 5 to 15 minutes delay would be generally tolerated - being later than 15 minutes might upset your host. In terms of cutlery, start with the outside first and work your way to the centre course by course. Dessert spoon and fork are behind the plate. At formal occasions, wait until the "chair" alpha-male, officer in chief, capo de tutti capi or whoever is the most senior person on the table nods towards the table or takes knife and fork to invite everyone at the table to join in eating.

Most Austrians will start with "Mahlzeit" or "Guten Appetit" bon appetite , which is polite to wait for in most occasions, but inappropriate at very posh, formal dinners I have been told off once for wishing a friend bon appetite at a casual dinner at home, so be aware that some people take this matter serious. Keep your hands on the table during dinner, but not the elbows. In taxis, restaurants and other areas, service charges are usually included.

Austrians make even numbers on bills by tipping less than 10 percent. For example, having a meal for Use common sense and behave respectfully. If you disagree with your tax assessment, you can appeal to the tax office de within 1 month. I'm an employee Which income will be taxed in Austria? Resident in Austria for at least 6 months in the tax year? You must pay tax on your worldwide income there. Resident in Austria for less than 6 months in the tax year?

You are not considered tax resident and pay tax only on income earned in Austria. Income from other EU countries? Make sure you never pay tax twice on the same income. How much will you pay? Income tax calculator — Austrian Finance Ministry de Income tax is charged at progressive rates the more you earn, the more you pay. You will be entitled to a basic tax-free allowance which may vary depending on your personal circumstances. You may be entitled to deductions for some expenditure.

Tax returns are due by 30th April of the following year 30th June in case of online submission via FinanzOnline de but you only need to file one if:

Applying for permission to work beyond six months with one employer

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