Ford PowerShift Transmission Settlement

Such claims will be subject to Arbitration. Questions regarding the claims process should be directed to the Claims Administrator at www. While Class Members may continue to submit claims, either online or by mail, claims cannot be processed until the Effective Date, which occurs after the resolution of all outstanding issues on appeal. Posted by John kellinski on November 11, Information about the Kansas lemon law, K. At Capstone Law APC , we believe that employees should be treated fairly, consumers should get what they pay for, and rights should be protected even when someone cannot afford a lawyer.

May 08,  · How a Lawsuit Against Ford Could Change the Way Companies Think About Remote Work How a Lawsuit Against Ford Could Change the Way Companies Think About Remote Work. work from home four days a.

Ford Shelby GT350 Lawsuit Gains Traction in Florida

Learn more about The Car Book here. July 24, — A Ford Shelby GT lawsuit will move forward based on claims the Mustangs overheat and go into "limp mode" without warning, even while trying to run on racetracks. Once in limp mode, the Mustangs quickly decelerate without warning, creating confusion among all drivers on the road.

The plaintiffs say the GTs are specifically advertised as ready for track driving, with Ford holding marketing events at racetracks. Ford sold the Shelby GT with three trim levels: Base, Track Package and Technology Package, but the class-action lawsuit does not include cars with the Track Package. According to the lawsuit, the Ford Shelby GT Base and Technology cars are not equipped with transmission or differential coolers to prevent the cars from overheating. The plaintiffs also claim there are no temperature sensors on the dashboards to monitor or adjust the temperatures of the transmissions and differentials.

Drivers also allege there are defects in the powertrain systems because the extreme temperatures cause damage to the transmissions and clutches.

Whether on a public road or racetrack, the plaintiffs say the defects make the Mustangs dangerous to drive. The lawsuit seeks to represent all Californiaresidents and entities who currently own or lease or previously owned or leased a vehicle with a Ford 6. The lawsuit seeks the following: Please click here for a free evaluation of your Ford Defective 6.

Posted by James A. Brown on October 22, I purchased a F super duty Lariat. The first thing it blew turbo 1st day on the hwy. It has had numerous egr's,head gaskets injectors and many more items. The company refused to take truck back. I ordered this truck with all bells and whistles leather, back seat etc. It now sits in drive way needing work again. I really thought this would be my last truck so i got everything i could.

I will never buy another Ford anything. Posted by Tom Doyle on August 1, I purchase a new Ford F and at , miles I had a catastrophic engine failure. The engine is a V8 Non Diesel. Since purchasing my vehicle from Ford I've taken meticulous care of my vehicle and have the records to prove it.

This engine failure left me only one alternative and that was purchase a new engine. Is there anyone out there that has had the same problem? Posted by Vince Dowlearn on July 2, Posted by Ken on June 10, Is there any recourse still? I only have 73, miles on it! Posted by jorge ortega on June 9, Posted by kenneth graham on March 19, I thought this is ok because I want to own my truck when I retire.

I am still paying on it. I had to purchase a new engine at the cost of I need help to get some of this money back. Posted by Debbie on January 10,

Ford Defective 6.0L Diesel Engine Class Action Lawsuit Legal Help

If you now own or lease, or previously owned or leased, a Ford with a liter V6 EcoBoost engine click here to read more about the Ford EcoBoost lawsuit. If you now own or lease, or previously owned or leased, a Ford of any year from through click here to read more about the Ford Unintended Acceleration lawsuit. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. A former Ford employee has been awarded $ million after successfully suing the automaker — and two supervisors — for creating a hostile work environment predicated on discrimination based.