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Rob, you're the pot calling the kettle black. Originally Posted by SAW. I would only suggest to use it as either a college job or an in-between job. I've made more money in that this year than I have in my 'career job'. I was good at it, and from word of mouth I got more client and more client, and that's how it all started. November 3, 0 found this helpful.

Does anyone know of any legit work at home jobs that are for real with a real income. If you are looking for a business, I may have something for you. I think it is very important when you work at home to like what you do and believe in it otherwise it probably won't be very profitable for you. That being said, I have been working with a.


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I'm in the process of starting to work from home. There's a ton of people that do it and there are some legitimate "Work from home" sites online, though the scams outweigh the real thing (you should NEVER have to pay money to work from home). I currently work at home for a legitimate company. If you want some good tips and websites where you can find information and legitimate work at home jobs that are updated daily then check out: and Does anyone know of any legitimate work from home jobs? I seriously couldn't be happier with my work at home business. I am proud of the work I do and love that my schedule is flexible enough that I can be a stay at home mom first and work at home mom second. One of my favorite parts is that I get to help other moms work from home, too.