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Well, I just applied for this company on Wednesday and I got an email Thursday to do a speed test and now I received an email to schedule an interview but all the slots are completely greyed out. Macy's Queens - Rego Park. Since this review was originally published, there have been tons of reader comments posted below that provide lots of insight into the hiring process. Their instructors, coaches, mentors are all awesome to work with. Maybe they are just overwhelmed with new hires at this time. I had pretty much counted it as a waste of time having done the application and testing after checking my email everyday for about 2 weeks.

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With my situation at home, Sitel would be the ideal job. I have to contact my current employer as well. So chilling is not an option for me right now. I applied online, did my assessment, and then received an email about a week later asking me to submit my speedtest results.

Does it normally take this long? Well, I just applied for this company on Wednesday and I got an email Thursday to do a speed test and now I received an email to schedule an interview but all the slots are completely greyed out.

I see from previous posts that I should just try back later so that is what I am going to do. Hopefully this will work out! All the initial emails and interviewers said it would be email-only, but later on they said it would include emails, chat, and some phone calls. Val I was hired for starbucks too. I was told the training will start Monday. I did all of the paperwork, background check, drug test and final job offer. I hand not received the equipment.

I will know to stop trying to pursue this. I still have not heard anything. I have called and left messages and I have emailed everyone under the sun. So, I went to the Sitel site and reapplied. There was no indication that my information was even recognized. I really think I fell through the cracks somewhere. But I find that strange that I would get a Welcome Letter with all the instructions on my next steps and yet never received the next steps. So, we will see what happens now.

I really hope I get on with this company. I have not heard anything about IT setup sessions or any instructions about training though. I have not received my equipment yet either. Can you tell me how your equipment came? I just received my final offer and it now gives me an additional time I need to be available for a IT session.

Is that something I need to be home for? I called the HR today and the young lady on the phone seemed confused. She left my information for a call back but then asked me if I was registered with the site.

I told her yes as I have done everything up to the background check and drug screening. Did anyone else get an email message saying they apologize but the Toys Us campaign for Nov 3rd has been cancelled?

I done everything they asked and was hired. The only thing I was waiting on was my equipment to start then I got that email today saying they will call me today or tomorrow with other options but the Toys R Us campaign I was hired for starting Nov 3rd had been cancelled.

I had already done the voice interview and application process and assessment. No email regarding the IT sessions. I have emailed both of these ladies and have heard nothing. I emailed the provided email for questions regarding the background check and was told it had to be ordered by HR. So I emailed Tammy and still have not heard anything. This is very disheartening as working for this company is greatly needed.

Working from home is so important for our family right now. So my next step is emailing hr sitel. It may take a little while for them to answer. Make sure u charge your phone fti: When calling select hr for option. I was bummed but I went to sleep and was going to try again the next day on my computer. Then at around 10 I got a call from an unknown number but no message was left.

I called the number back and it said it was the hr line for sitel. I got through to someone but was told that the home recruiting was handled by another dept. I set up my interview for that same day in the evening. I never cancelled so I was pretty confused. Anybody that was hired for the Starbucks campaign?

Would you mind sharing some info? How are you liking it? What is the training like? What schedule did you get? Are the breaks for the email only just like the inbound calling? Thanks so much in advance! This hiring process is nerve wracking. I got the email, scheduled, interviewed and was hired.

Hi all, will be coming to work for the Toy r us Campaign,is anyone on that one and if so how are you liking it? The process was pretty quick I applied last Sat, and got a call from H.

I was then told there were 3 campaigns i could choose from. I chose macys but he called me back and told me it had closed so i went with the Temp Yoys r us Position , and today Tuesday i got a fedex email saying my computer has shipped and will be here tomorrow.

I do think they try to get background and drug test done first to weed out some. Hello I had a very different experience with the hiring process… not sure what to make of it.. I filled out most of the application and was in the middle of the assesment part when they called me for my first interview. It was for Toys R Us. Now mind you I had not finished the assessment i was in the middle of it when I got the call.

Had not even checked my email for any of their emails they sent me… Which apparently had been about 12 of them the lady was really nice and asked me a lot of the same questions you guys got. Had me navigate the toys r us website some. Before I got my assesment even finished I had my drug test and back ground papers and the offer signed… Have to go tomorrow for the drug test.

Now what is weird is I finally got the assessment done and they sent me an email to set up a contingent interview? Now is this a second interview or is it a mistake since I didnt have everything done before they called me… I mean they called me literally 10 15 minutes into the application.

I filled out all the paperwork, background check came back fine, did the registration online and the employment verification uploaded fine as far as I can tell. YEAH I feel ya there!! I applied too with the work home slot as I have physical, albeit invisible to naked eye, disabilities, and a need to take public transit. I am also a part-time student taking night classes a few miles away from home, on my schools campus their current program I am enrolled in requires me to be physically IN CLASS up to 16 hours per week, 4 nights per week.

No online class offered yet— but I have 2 months left before graduating my program…The call center I applied with is located in my city. I feel this is discriminatory excuse not to hire me…. The work at home thing works for me!!! Your session has been lost or otherwise become unusable. Has anybody been able to get an anser b ack from any of the recruiters. Also rcvd an email from shawn stating they i ddint schedule my drug screen weh n i did it last monday.

I emailed 3 recruitrs and rhonda but no reply. I had my interview yesterday and they called me back later that evening asking what time I would be available today for an interview and to go over my internet testing, I did get the the call today and telling confirming that I had received the e-mail regarding where to go and do my drug testing. One of the e-mails was for my background screening. Well it automatically cut off while I was typing my information and when I went back to log-in it said user not found.

I then requested a password change and it sent me a new password, When I type in the password it tell me me password expired please enter new password. Can someone please help. I had an interview today and I checked my email and got a message stating that I missed my interview. I looked at my phone and noticed that I had a call from a private number. My phone is set-up to block private numbers.

I have since that that feature off of my phone. Can someone tell me if I missed my opportunity for an interview. I sent the lady that sent me the email about the campaign but she has not responded. I tried to reschedule the appoint and it says 1 appointment per candidate. Can someone shed some light on this for me. I had to make changes to my interview a few days ago and it worked for me.

They responded back pretty fast. I have received several e-mails about agent jobs for Sitel work from home. Now I have met the internet requirments but I have one question. I have a monitor that meets the standards but I do not have a CPU only have laptops. Do I need a CPU for the interview process or will my laptop suffice for interview. I went to a thift store and bought one for 10 dollars a few days before I started, after I had a job offer..

Hello — looking for some insight. I applied , did all testing. Did two interviews where both I was told I was hired for Cox Cable. Was told to watch for email about drug test and background check.

Also some employee paperwork email as well. Supposed to start class on oct 20th. Have not received any email about anything. How long does this take? Hi SLR — no I have not heard anything. I was undert he assumption it was only 2 interviews. I did both, did my drug test, esign on the sitel site, TWO background checks had to complete a second time this morning even though i completed in FULL and submitted it yesterday.

I been calling them for the past two days but no respond after they told me someone will be giving me a call and to continue to check my email. Also I did pass my two interviews, drug screen, and background, but no email yet. I received my computer yesterday from FedEx. Im doing that today though since the IT training is tomorrow.

My username for the login was my last name, and the last 2 digits of my birthday and the password was the original password I set up in the beginning. If I were you, I would get a phone number off one of the emails or email anyone you can. I emailed the guy that sent out my forms for my login info because I was having the same problems, but not long after I sent the email, he emailed me back with my login info.

Let me know how it goes! I have emailed everyone about this and have not recieved a reply. I did complete all my paperwork and had it notarized this past monday.

Did you get any info telling you your equipment was being sent or did it just show up? I am scheduled to start with AON on Monday as well. I have not recieved my computer yet. How did your computer arrive, Ashley? I have not been able to log into the system and have had no luck when I have emailed anyone. What do you think I should do?

My username is my first my last name and birth year. I will also be working on the AON campaign. Does anyone know what that campaign will be doing? I received my computer today and start training on Mon. Does everyone who works here like it so far? I have been offered multiple jobs over the last few weeks because i have been applying like crazy!! Does anyone know what the NBA Campaign is about? I have an interview for this particular campaign today, but I do not know anything about it.

Miranda, I received my drug testing info paper through email, which I had to print and take to the center.

I wonder why FedEx delivered yours. Does anyone know what the username is to login? I believe it is your first letter of your first name, then your last name, and some numbers. Do you know if the numbers stand for anything? I cannot get ahold of anyone to find my ID and need to accept my offer. I have completed all the paperwork online as well as faxed in my information in regards to taxes. I am supposed to start next Monday. Does anyone know what this means and why I would be getting this type of error at this point.

I completed the background check and well as drug test and received my final offer and completed the paperwork associated with the final offer. Has this ever happened to anyone that has been hired. Why would I no longer have access to my information in the system.

Does anyone know who I can contact to get clarification on my employment status. My drug testing was in the same email, in the system you have to log into, at the same time as my background check.

I did not receive it from fedex…something sounds a little off from that….. Opportunitywaits, what exactly comes with the system? I really enjoy it so far. I am unfamiliar with what AON is, but I know the earning potential for Directv is high and there are alot of competitions, bonuses, and great commissions….

Training has been alot of fun, and pretty laid back. I filled out the application but wasnt able to do the tests yet.

But I got a text today from telling me I to respond witv name and ph for an interview. Has anyone else ever recieved this? I have done all my paperwork except the drug test, background was approved, yesterday I had my second interview, today I had to go get some papers notarized so when I get back home to scan and upload them, I try to log into my account but it says user not found.

I wonder is this a glitch or if they have gotten rid of my information. When I started I saved my email address and password, however the login name was something I didnt create and was some weird thing with my name and the year…so that is probably your issue to…its an easy fix. I got an email this morning saying they were not taking my application any further but Fedex brought my things for drug testing.

I am hired I got my second interview today. The guy I spoke to was Greg and he was super nice. Does anyone know if they hire felons for work from home?

I filled it out on application but still nervous since so many people discriminate against it. Most work from home companies do not. Since you will be dealing with sensitive information.

I know because my husband has applied to every work from home job and they refuse to hire him because of his felony status. I cant say for certain, but i do know they do background checks and drug testing. I am not Privy to their HR hiring practices, I am just telling you the details of the position. Hi does anyone know how long it takes to get an email back?

I filled out the application and got an email confirming that they received the application and to check my email for further steps. I submitted the application sunday yesturday and have not yet heard anything. Hello Ladies, I had my interview yesterday morning. I received a job offer while on the phone. Through the day yesterday I received a contingent job offer, background acceptance, and final offer…today I received an email for a second email…I have not received an email for background check or drug test yet…I am confused why I would receive something called background acceptance and final offer if I havent done the background test yet, or why I would have a final offer… so now I am like do I have a job or dont I have a job.

The first interviewer told me I did, and to go ahead and give my current employer notice.. I will be quite upset if this is not the case. I wrote down my pin number and my password…but for some reason I didnt write down what my login name is and it is not my email address is…does anyone know if it is anything special, or what I can do to retrieve it? I called the phone number highlighted on our letter it says it call if we have problems getting our background or drug test, but they said they cant access that system…so I emailed my recruiter yesterday…meanwhile, I cant access the things I have been sent to know what they say….

I got the offer for DirecTV, I kinda really wanted the live chat programs…does anyone know if after we accept one of these offers, if we would get still get offers for one of the other programs if they become available? As for your username you can email Shawna recruiting coordinator at Shawna. I dont know why the first interview lady told me to give my notice a couple days ago. I emailed shawna two days ago, but no response yet…hurry up and wait…I have my second interview in 15 minutes.

I havnt had my background check yet…and I am waiting for my 2nd interview now.. Hi, just wondering if your are actually working the Starbucks campaign. If so, is this job less stressful than other call center jobs and what are the hours like? This was a 3 week long hiring process. With 3 diffirent start dates that got pushed back. Including additional paper work, the backgrounds took weeks for results. Plus a second phone interveiw.

At last though I am offically hired. I will let you all know about how training goes. A recruiter informed me of this. I signed up for FT though. So you were hired for the Starbucks campaign?

I just did my first interview for that on Saturday. What is the actual training like? Is it like a live class online, do you watch videos, or read materials or what?

Does anyone know how the training for the AON skill is? I am just curious about what the job will be like!! We have to be available to work between the hours of 7am and 7pm! Are you hired for part or full time? Sounds like your job would not be hard at all, I wish I was hired for that one!! Basically, there is no script so we have to wing it. I now see why there is 3 week training because there is so much to learn and practice.

As far as the second interview, that may be something new that they are doing. I had the NHO a week before the first day of my training. Guess I got in at a good time then. At least 35 people are in my class, but at the same time, things are organized. I have 3 school aged children so that is not possible, I have to work during the daytime because that is when it will be quiet in my house.

I finally heard back. I did complete it, had to put in my last 10 years of addresses had to look some up. They just needed a 10 year background check instead of 7 years. I was then offered Toys R Us position, which I turned down. I know nothing about toys, since all my kids are grown. So I will start looking for something else. Sounds like the second interview is something new they have started. I think they are just overwhelmed right now with new hires, gearing up for the holiday season.

Which may be the reason they are doing the second interview. I interviewed for Starbucks email and live chat only. Was given an offer. Then today I got an email from an operations guy named David saying they need to do a second interview even though I was already hired. It was very strange but I did it any way. Not sure if I still have the job or not. They were very evasive about the hours of operation for Starbucks. I have a 6 year old son so I need to know what the campaign business hours are.

I had to email the HR department and ask. If the interview process is like this, I imagine what actually working for them is like. I did email Human Resources to let them know that. Did you ever find out the hours? Hello, are you still working the Starbucks campaign? What hours are you working? I also have a 6 yr old and need to make what ever arrangements necessary once I start. I was offered the job also for the dtv campaign, then I received an email about a 2nd interview too.

It threw me off because I had already been offered the job last Wednesday and I received an email Thursday about the 2nd interview. I asked the interviewer if this was standard practice to be offered the job then get scheduled for another interview she said it was something new they were doing. Did you have the NHO the week before you started training? I wrote documents for Slot machines in Vegas and went through an FBI background check and I never even take aspirin much less anything stronger, so drug test was good.

I have no idea. I was hired on the spot and the recruiter sent me an email within minutes about getting the drug testing and background check done. Usually, the results are sent electronically. Why would they want a second interview, I am not sure but I would do it… at the same time keep your options open. Carolyn, I am sorry that you have not heard anything.

Most likely, you will get an email on Friday, since that is what happened to me. I ended up getting emails from Sitel the friday before my training. Good luck to everyone! Training is suppose to start the 2nd for it also. At this point, I have no idea what is going on. As I said before, only thing I know is it still shows me as Holding. I just got an email from Sitel saying they want a second interview.

Received Different emails re: This happened with me too for the Starbucks campaign. I was offered the job a few days ago then someone named David emailed me saying they need to do another interview to determine if this is would be the right job. All I have received is the same email twice which basically explains how things will be done step by step. Hi… Sitel will send you information via email so keep checking on it.

I am pretty sure that you are hired. They do need people because the holiday season is approaching. I am in my second day of training and it is ok. I do like the fact that Sitel provides the equipment for us. Makes things a lot easier.

I will see how it goes. Maybe they are just overwhelmed with new hires at this time. Hopefully, we will get some information soon. And had to redo the background check, since the first one they sent was for 7 years and they needed 10 years. My hiring process with Sitel started with a application immediately following an aptitude test. It took about 2 hours to complete.

I read in small print that once you start the test you can not back out. Then a voice audition. A 3rd write-up would mean termination. Now you are on the way to work and stuck in traffic and are going to be late. What do you do? I received email to set up a phone interview with a recruiter the next day.

I had 2 times though to choose from. No other appointments for the month were available. The recruiter called me exactly on time and the interview lasted about 30 minutes. If you love style that's modern and edgy with a touch of international flair, Kensie is likely your go-to source for the coolest on-trend finds. Stop by to discover great looks for fall and meet Nina Agdal, Kensie's face for their seasonal lineup. Nina will be in store for an evening of fashion fun. Monday, October 8, Macy's is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

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