20 REAL Companies That Want To Hire You For Work From Home Jobs

Well, really curiosity just kills me. But if you can find a niche product to sell, it can bring in a tidy sum. InboxDollars — InboxDollars is pretty similar to Swagbucks in the fact that you can earn money through their search engine, surveys, and more. If a business looks suspect, at least run it by some friends and family first. Grand Rapids, Michigan - Directions in Research.

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People are lead to believe that they are stuffing envelopes for some legit biz and getting paid for it. In actuality they are sending someone money so that person can send them a paper telling them to ask other people for money so they can send them a paper telling them to ask the next person for money.

So can somebody make money off it? Would you still not do it, because you have to pay upfront? Thank you for the info. I always thought it was a scam. I never bothered to see how it works by am glad to know now. It kind ft reminds me of those chain letters where you place a self addressed envalope along with the letter and mail it off.

This chain letter promised you would make a ton of money doing this. I never bothered with that either. The one thing I do remember helping my mom do was wrap peanio wire. Thanks for explaining how this worked. I guess a better term would be pyramid scheme! It reminds me of the new with a old concept TSU network. Getting paid for inviting people and liking random post and feeling pushed to create content. Yeah, pyramid scheme would probably be the best word.

Either way, not a good options! This post reminded me of my childhood. Some guy would come to our house with all the supplies, show us how to pack, leave come back weeks later and take the completed boxes and left over supplies, and we would get paid. But then work started to dry up as technology started to replace people. According to mom, these type of work no longer exist. My mom as well worked at home packing candy with little toys … I remember that she had the leaving room full with boxes and my sisters and I helped her and she gaved us us money as well… A man came every Friday to pic up the boxes payed us cash and left new ones …..

I would like to know how do I get started stuffing envelopes in my hole for extra cash if you can send me information by email and when can I start. I feel bad for you Alexa!! Your original post says it all!! What does it take for people to get the hint??

How many times a day do you repeat yourself? I will be looking into your link for the Legit at home jobs. Thank you for the information, it was very helpful to me.

Hi Stephanie, it depend son what your interests and skills are. There are many work-from-home jobs available Here is a post that lists out several high-paying online jobs that moms can do: Hello my name is Renea and I can tell you that I have also done some investigating myself over the years and everything that I have tried for these work at home dose cost money from Herbalife, Avon and Mary Kay, are all legitimate but you do have to invest money.

It is not a job it is more like a business. In starting any business you have to invest money there is no way around it and to be able to make it work you have to work hard at it. You will not get rich from it but you can make some money at it depending on if you have good people skills and you have to have a good clientele. In need of income. Please give me the opportunity to show my work epics. Im realy desperate for a part time for stuffing envelopes this Friday I will sand a company 40dolar for processing and handling his name is hezel pepper good he claim 87dolar to start up waht can I do.

This was one of the last options I was considering and to think that people are messing with others like this is a darn shame. Anyway, thank you for the heads up and have a great day! Does it resonate with you?

Are you excited about it? Would you share it and recommend it to others even if there was no way for you to get paid for doing it? That means for every people that purchase the product, of them are still buying at least every quarter a year later. If your product is not that good, you will struggle to effectively make money. If you worked hard this year sell your product to people and only 13 of them are still purchasing the product a year later, you have a major uphill climb to make up that income!!

So much better to have of them purchasing every quarter- that builds solid foundational residual income that will last as long as the product is awesome. Have they previously been shut down by the FTC? There may be a pattern here, and your hard work and reputation could be compromised if you proceed with that company.

What is the tone of the founders? Are they all about the money? Is there charity just an arm? Or are they sincerely interested in making the world a better place? Be sure their objectives resonate with yours. If you are a charitable person who sees problems in the world and wants to do something about it, you might be turned off by founders who are buying up islands and always talking about the money.

If YOU are turned off by that, chances are the people who are ready to listen to you will be turned off by it too. Better to align with a company whose founders share your same values, and whose reports on what they are doing make you feel proud to be a part of it. How many people are breaking new ranks each year? What are the average earnings of each rank? How long have they been in business? Is their trajectory sustainable?

Are they a debt free company? If they are carrying debt, do they have something like a facility to show for it? How long are they carrying the note? If they are privately held you cannot look this up, but if they are making good and sound financial decisions, they will be announcing that to you because they know that you want to know.

If they are publicly held, they are owned by the shareholders, and therefore are not in control of their company, including product, compensation plan, and etc. They have to keep growing their stock price in order to stay out of trouble with the SEC. If the company you are looking at passes your research, you have found a wonderful way to make money from home not all from home! You will likely have to meet with people to teach classes, and give demonstrations at some point!

If you are passionate about the product, that will be a blessing to you as well. It takes time to succeed in Network Marketing, but if you have a good product and are willing to look for places to share, anyone can do it. She had been given a sample of the product and found that it made a profound difference in her mood and levels of anxious feelings she was experiencing. Because of this experience, she wanted to buy more of the product, and because she wanted to buy it, she saw a market for it as well.

She knew there were others who struggled with mood and anxious feelings, and she wanted to help. So she created a network by going to the local YMCA and asking if she could set up a table and offer some free classes.

They allowed her to do that and in a relatively short amount of time, her financial life changed significantly. She now travels around the world teaching about her product and continues to bless others with the product AND the business opportunity.

Or are the products? I am very interested in stuffing envelopes, I have a very bad back, So working a reg, job is not going to happen for me. This would be good, Please send me some info on how i could get started and what is the going rate of pay. Hi I have a lot of health issues and need unskilled work that I would do from home.

I hope you can point me in a good direction? Thanks for your site. Hi Angela, Checkout this post https: I hope that helps. Check out this post for real work from home jobs: Thank you for the information I was about to answer one of those ads. Im retired and need a income my SS in not making it. It is mind boggling how many people on this thread, after being presented with evidence as to envelope stuffing being a scam, then proceed to say they are interested in doing it.

Several of its recent job listings have been work-at-home positions — including sales, client manager and account operations manager positions. Based in Louisville, Ky. Several of its recent job listings that require registered nurse experience are remote or telecommute positions. And many of its sales positions are remote jobs but do require the employee to live in certain cities or areas. Rev provides transcription and translation services using a team of freelancers. In fact, its mission is to "give more people the freedom to work from home.

For example, it provides both human talent and artificial intelligence — or what it calls intelligent virtual assistants — to provide customer service for companies. Recent TTEC job listings have included work-at-home customer service representatives, technical project manager and instructional media designer. Based in Tampa, Fla. Its services include phone, email, online and social media customer-service support. It hires full-time work-at-home customer service representatives and provides benefits such as health insurance, tuition reimbursement and a k plan.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Working Solutions provides home-based sales and customer service representatives. The company employs work-at-home customer service representatives for a variety of businesses, including travel agencies, insurance and event ticketing.

For most positions, job candidates can live anywhere in the U. Convergys is a customer service outsourcing company. It provides home-based agents for companies' contact centers. Convergys regularly hires for work-at-home sales and service, customer service and technical support representatives. Benefits include health insurance, paid vacation and a k plan. Cactus Communications is medical communications agency that provides writing, editing and transcription services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

It is based in Mumbai, India, but hires freelance contractors around the world. Recent job listings on FlexJobs have included full-time work-at-home translator positions and part-time editor positions. Fiserv provides financial services technology solutions such as payment processing services for banks, credit unions, lenders and investment firms.

It's been named by Forbes magazine as one of America's best employers. Fiserv's recent telecommute and work-at-home job listings have included sales operations consultant, business strategy consultant, technical consultant and proposal management specialist positions. BroadPath Healthcare Solutions provides business, compliance and technology services to healthcare providers and payers such as insurance companies.

It is headquartered in Tucson, Ariz. Recent work-at-home job listings have included member service representative, case manager and quality analyst positions.

Virginia's state agencies offer a variety of full-time jobs with the option to work remotely within the state. Recent flexible job listings have ranged from environmental health technical specialist to staff actuary to finance analyst. Based in Herndon, Va. Its programs are geared toward military families, home-schooled children, athletes and traveling entertainers. It hires both part- and full-time teachers, guidance counselors, speech pathologists, special education and other education-related positions that are mostly and entirely work-at-home.

This global health services company has more than 40, employees and more than 95 million customers of its health insurance plans and products. It does offer work-at-home positions. Recent job listings included Medicaid audit compliance manager, medical director and pharmacy clinical program manager. ADP provides payroll services, human resource software and tax and compliance services to businesses around the world.

It's been named to Fortune magazine's most admired companies list and Forbes magazine's best employers for diversity list. ADP offers some positions with the opportunity for remote work. Past job listings have included human resource outsourcing partnership manager, pharmaceutical research and development recruiter and research analyst.

Wells Fargo is one of the biggest banks in the U. Headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo has offered some full-time positions with an option for remote work. Past job listings have included e-business systems consultant and information security engineer positions. Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, BCD Travel helps make corporate travel more cost-effective and streamlined for companies. It offers telecommute and remote job opportunities. For example, it has had openings for a work-at-home risk analyst, travel consultants who can work remotely and a senior outsourced travel manager who can work at home with occasional travel.

See Home-Based Jobs for Seniors: Thermo Fisher Scientific is a biotechnology product development company with about 65, employees around the world. Some of its remote jobs require heavy travel. The company has had openings for full-time work-at home positions with just some or no travel, however, such as a computer system specialist to help with compliance development and a customer care center process implementation manager.

Headquartered in Germany, SAP creates software that helps companies predict customer trends and streamline processes. It is the world's third largest independent software manufacturer. Recent job openings with remote work options have included senior account executive and software development engineer positions.

Connections Education provides online kindergarten through 12th grade learning through its Connections Academy. And its Connections Learning provides online learning solutions for educational institutions. Connections Education hires teachers to teach virtual classes. The job listings typically require teachers to be in specific states, however.

The pay for online tutorial jobs is quite high, and you can also sell your services through various marketing places.

These are referred to as telecommute jobs where you use your internet connection , email , and telephone to earn money online as home agents. Translation And Transcribing Jobs — Transcribing jobs are one of the highest-paid online jobs where you have to listen to audio clips and convert the spoken words into text form. Translation jobs are quite popular and have a good pay because not many freelancers are available in this space.

Besides all these, if you have a certain specific skill set, you can work as a freelancer in web designing , graphic designing , content writing , SEO works and likewise for which multiple freelancing platforms like Upwork , Freelancer , Fiverr are available. Before you sign up for any of the following websites, make sure you have an up-to-date computer, high-speed internet connection, and a fixed schedule. AccuTran is a renowned company that hires candidates regularly based on their skill and experience.

They started their journey in and established themselves as a trusted company for hiring freelancers and working for global customers. Always keep an eye on your home page where they post job requirements mostly for transcribers and data entry workers.

AXION is a popular data entry service provider that hires remote data entry writers as per requirement. They are also one of the most trusted companies and have a regular flow of projects from clients. They provide all the instructions that you need to follow. Payment is done per-piece basis on every other Friday. On average, its workers work for 25 hours a week.

Amazon MTurk is a marketplace for getting micro jobs that computers are unable to perform. Online data entry jobs are the most popular and widely available. There are unlimited number of online data entry jobs you can do from home every day and whenever you want.

Apart from that, there are multiple other micro jobs that require human intelligence but no technical skill as such. Capital Typing started its operation in and has a wide client base. They provide different types of typing services like transcription, translation, data entry, customer support, and bookkeeping. Getting hired by them is little difficult, but once you are in, you can do simple online data entry jobs and earn more than your regular job. These are so easy online data entry jobs that even students from high school do it to earn some bucks quickly.

DataPlus is one of the oldest companies in data entry business. It started its operations in and has become a globally recognized name. Here you can get bulk online data entry work from home jobs. Quicktate has all the different types of typing jobs for you. It can be a job for transcription, letter writing, data entry, recording data, virtual assistance and much more.

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There are 60 scams for every real work-at-home job, says Christine Durst, co-founder and principal of Staffcentrix LLC, which owns and manages damnr.ga damnr.ga is an. #2) Proofreader. Proofreading is another legit work-from-home job where you can actually earn real money. Again, this is something that you can do from almost anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. The 14 Best Work-at-Home Jobs for Making Money Remotely. Make money without ever leaving your house! These easy work-at-home job ideas will have you earning cash in .