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I rose to be the youngest Presidents Club member, given the honor to train others on their road to success and most importantly I was able to create a full-time RESIDUAL income from home, fire my boss, leave an unhealthy marriage and raise 3 children on my own. Was this review helpful? They could care less about your opinions or your feedback to get better. Cons Lonely ness , needs patience , Fun engaging with people. So much wasted time.

Freedom At Home Team Review. By David Harris “Freedom at Home Team”, by AmeriPlan and found at, provides work at home opportunities to recruit a downline to sell AmeriPlan products through a MLM multi-level marketing program structure. AmeriPlan is not an insurance company.

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There's only one program that I provided service for where I didn't encounter a technical issue on a daily basis. This wouldn't be such a big deal if these were minor issues. But know that there is always a wait for a tech and the process the techs go through is generally an hour or longer.

Keep in mind, this is time that you're not earning any money. Unless you're actively on a call, you don't earn money. So, if you're with tech support on a daily basis, that cuts into your budget drastically. Aside from the tech issues, the information that Arise puts out regarding the client to be serviced is generally not correct. Hours change, needs change, and revenue definitely changes. Arise has a clause at the bottom of the page of the client information page, that states the information provided is summary.

For instance, if they provide information that states a base pay and an "up to" amount, don't think that you have an opportunity to earn the "up to" amount. It's only to get you to sign on with that client. After committing to 5 weeks of unpaid training for 4 hours each day, then you get a contract SOW and it's not the same information provided in their opportunity announcement.

I have proof of that as well. So take all of that information and the other reviews into consideration when thinking of signing on with this platform. Also keep in mind that many other IBO's have a not so favorable view of Arise, but won't say anything for fear of having their contract terminated. Provides a good work life balance.

You have to pay them for training and they do not pay you for additional mini training sessions. Some of the supervisors are awesome other seem indifferent. Flexible work from home opportunity. You are a contractor and therefore have to have a corporation. There are quite a few upfront investments that need to be done.

From filing your corporation to paying for training, so it may take 2 months or more before your first paycheck. But once you are up and running it is a lot of fun. You create your own work schedule. I would never work for Arise again. Please READ before working with them! It's pretty much a contract for how long you work for a client and what they expect from you amount of hours expected, ratings, etc. SOWs only last for weeks and that includes the time you were in the certification class.

Certification class is usually 4 weeks, unpaid. Your SOW will usually start after certification and last for roughly 4 more weeks. If your ratings as agent are not were the clients wants them to be or if the client doesn't need you, then you won't be offered another SOW. Sooo, you will have to pay for another certification with another client which means you will be out of work for a month and working for another month unless you get offered another SOW.

It has to be paid upfront before you start certification. It is also non-refundable. Unprepared after certification- Certification does not totally prepare you to service your clients. It gives you a good overview of the client's software and a lot of resources to assist you.

On day one, I felt totally clueless but had a bunch of notes. Competitive Hours- Hours can also be very competitive because they are first come, first serve. Some clients also offer hours at different times of the day based on your performance. So if you don't perform well then you won't get good hours.

It can be very stressful. If your ratings are lower than expectations, then you will get emailed a few times saying that your SOW can be terminated, blah, blah.

Even though you attended a class for like a month. My biggest thing was paying for certification that only lasts a couple of months unless I'm offered another SOW. Lowkey a waste of money. If that's the case, it should be free since the jobs are considered temporary. If you have a few bad weeks and your ratings suffer, then you won't be able to get a good amount of hours. I guess it depends on the client you choose. I love my client. Lots of hours available. I have more time with my family now.

I love being able to work from home. It was a little hard getting started but once in and learned ropes all was well. You are basically your own boss Do what client ask and you good. Communication is through email. Everyday is different as far as to what to expect working in a Casino, has it's share of variables in an evening. Must be ready to deal with different people in different situations at any moment.

Claim this company page Review this company. Want to know more about working here? Ratings from women 2.

Performance reviews are a joke! Learn real management and leadership skills, as well as interviewing skills. Not a lot of room for growth in the company made readily available to anyone. Unreasonable productivity goals and no quality concern. Healthcare benefits are fairly reasonably priced. Computer equipment decent Some work-from-home opportunities. NJ location near decent lunch choices.

Company is growing rapidly--so there are many jobs, but the company's history is mass hirings and mass reductions. Legal Department is amazing--review of contracts and partnership with business outstanding. Operations Department strong as well. It is a male-dominated company with a bully-in-the-schoolyard management mentality. Managers yell, bully, or ostracize.

Employees must put company first all the time. Kept NJ offices open during Hurricane Sandy--no regard for employees' safety or personal property. Facilities constantly under construction during work hours. Visitors and employees exposed to dust, noise, paint smells from constant construction.

PTO is below industry standard. Many on the management team is inexperienced not from major corporations or just high school educated, and it shows through how they handle challenges and their lack of a cohesive strategy. HR Department extremely weak--no follow-thru and thoroughly ineffective.

They think "jeans days" are innovative rewards for employees. Very little opportunity for advancement as the "yes people" dominate the culture.

If you are not in the "in clique" you will not advance. Technology applications and intranet are antiquated. Intranet contains same content since January. No cutting edge applications. Network and portals go down with regularity. Newly created PMO department weak and ineffective. IT Department lacks a strategy--senior leadership in this department poor leaders--much bluster, few results.

Many new managers hired in IT appear to be clones of the senior leadership. Thus far, this expanded management team has accomplished very little, but its doubtful they even know where to begin. Pick one or two divisions to grow and do them well instead of trying to be everything to everyone. Have outside consultants evaluate management team. Consider Facilities construction impact on employees. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. Are you sure you want to replace it? View All num of num Close Esc. How does your company compare? Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. Follow Add a Review. Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Pros -Their work-from-home technology; no tokens, no layover screens, very smooth when working remotely.

Cons - Despite being privately held, there are no bonuses. Advice to Management I waited nearly a month after being laid off to post a review. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Pros Work from home. Cons Managers are not professional, nor do they know what there doing, worked here for 3 years really no raise in 2 years, only look in bottom dollar for company. Advice to Management Get manager that know how to manage, that are professional since the once you have is the reason the company is going down Pros Remote work from home.

Pros Occasional Summer Fun days. Pros Work from home, that is it. Cons No holidays for 90 days; spend thousands of dollars to send you to two full weeks of training and lay you off 90 days later. Pros The work from home option is nice for some people and casual dress days.

Cons No consistency with company policies and procedures. Advice to Management Learn real management and leadership skills, as well as interviewing skills. Pros More free time. Can work from home. Cons Not a lot of room for growth in the company made readily available to anyone. Advice to Management More appreciation. Pros Laptops to work from home if needed. Cons Management is horrible, dis organized.

Pros Able to Work from home remotely. Cons Unreasonable productivity goals and no quality concern. Pros Healthcare benefits are fairly reasonably priced. Cons It is a male-dominated company with a bully-in-the-schoolyard management mentality.

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