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If you are a buyer, you can browse and search millions of products. At HomeGoods, finding is a feeling. Here is another site dedicated to quality handmade crafts …… No mass produced crafts allowed here No imported items from china claiming to be handcrafted: For grass-fed beef growers, I would recommend http: It expresses who you are and your personal aesthetic.

HomeGoods stores offer an ever-changing selection of unique home fashions in kitchen essentials, rugs, lighting, bedding, bath, furniture and more all at up to 60% off department and specialty store prices every day.

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I know people will debate that with me, but the majority of us are drinking the same Kool-Aid from the same cup, in the marketing worlds. Okay, so social is important, but not more important than the real, active conversation you can or should have with your customers. Everything else pales; everything else on social or otherwise will only matter if you engage.

To your last point — I have mixed feelings. Thanks TJ for your response. But they do, when used well, they add another potential touch point for clients, where they are comfortable, and one more tool in your basket to help reach out. But you have to reach out, you have to participate. Diane Morrison October 20, at 7: I am glad that I decided to do a little research and search the internet. I did not know there were so many sites to sell my handmade soaps, and jewelry.

I can use all the advice you have to offer so that my online business is successful and prosperous. Diane have you set up your Etsy shop yet? I will be asking all kinds of questions to learn how they built their stores, found their success, the pitfalls and triumphs etc. Would you be interested in that sort of thing to help you in your Etsy store? Adding another point to CathyWebSavvyPR and TJ, if you are serious about what you are doing, then you would need to create a website for your small business.

Something to keep in mind when creating such a website is how you can expose your products. Basically, you make the photo galleries all by yourself no coding required and then you publish those galleries. Sourcing Handmade is a new site launched in Feb. It is a boutique sourcing consultancy aimed to help handmade artisans, crafters, and indie designers get their items sold in brick-and-mortar boutiques.

Please add Ujamaa Essentials to the list. A new site just launched as a co-op for handmade product makers. They promote a naturalistic way of life and will be offering flea markets, brick and mortar as well as online selling avenues.

My name is Maxwell July from Zimbabwe ,iam doing wrought iron farnuture handmade crafted Art, I am looking for the buyers of handmade products, including wall Art how can I get intouch with you people like you. I have since had to let it go, although I am still online at http: This is a really great list and a good resource for both buying as well as selling. One more website that I suggest that you can look into is Craftsvilla.

It is an Indian online store where one can buy as well as sell their handcrafted items. It is a relative startup established only in Just newly launched and in beta testing, you get your own website which you can edit, add text, images and easily edit your shop.

No fees to list items or contracts, just a small monthly payment. Visit the website and see if you want more than just a shop. Another place added to the list is http: Thank you for the list! The definition and difference between handcrafted and handicrafts is sometimes blurred. Everything is passed on as handcrafted. Here is another site dedicated to quality handmade crafts …… No mass produced crafts allowed here No imported items from china claiming to be handcrafted: Hello TJ, you have a very complete list of venues here, will like to add: Sell anything of quality and value, handmade, designed, invented or found.

NO monthly fees ever. The list was great, thank you for the infomation. I wanted to let you know that we are just about to launch a new indie daily deal site at indogi. It is a site dedicated to providing daily deals on indie products, while focusing on supporting the shops and artist we work with. If it is an awesome product made by an independent shop, we want to offer it. We strive to provide merchant friendly deals by becoming an avenue for indie shops and artist to get their products out and heard about.

We are passionate about this topic, because there are so many awesome projects and products being created right now, and we want everyone to get a chance to see them. That Way Hat for milliners and hat makers to sell their handmade hats: Etsy has opened up to resellers and marketers of mass-produced junk in order to boost their own bottom line.

They redesigned their website and it is free to list and sell items. They are based entirely on donations. You can add http: It is a French market place, with now profesionnal artisans selling high value products. They will be translated later this year in Englisch, and will translate any foreign applicant at the moment, to help them sell in Europe. You may want to check-out Storemate. If you want something different try out storemate. Unlike easy and artfire they are not restricted to handmade, I get to promote to a bigger audience all design buffs.

Helping out with questions on custom options, shipping queries etc in realtime. I even passed on exclusive discounts to them during these help-out sessions, which turned casual enquiries into quick sales and followers for me. A new but very active marketplace and community is our project http: We have sellers from over 40 countries, worth checking out…. If you have any questions about MakeTank please feel free to email us. A new but very active marketplace http: No listing fee, Free Shop.

I sell my goods on TripleClicks, which I love. I came across another site to sell crafts — http: I was a bit suspicious in the beginning because it was for free. But now, I am seeing results. I hope some investors are reading this, because the market is ready for a high end fine craft and artisan selling platform.

Aside from Ebay, Etsy and Rubylane, the other shops seem geared to inexpensive items, A scrabble tile on a silk ribbon, a piece of sushi made out of felt scraps. What about genuine fine craft and artisan goods?

Hand carved furniture and wooden bowls, beautiful glassware and pottery, artisan glass beads, art to wear jewelry, even items as simple as artistically crafted cast — iron cook ware and hand knit sweaters. The setting matters just as it does for brick and mortar shops. Well, as the reach of internet and websites has increased to people, they have started preferring online ways of buying anything.

Handicrafts items are easily available online these days and there are lots of manufacturers and providers making it possible to buy handicrafts online from there store. The number of shops and centers to buy crafted products is not fixed and not limited now and these can be bought from various online stores easily.

One of the stores I came across can be found at http: It is availing a complete collection of beautiful handicraft items. There is Crafty Magpie too — we are an online marketplace for British crafters and designers to sell their creations. I love artfire and bonanza.

I love what you guys suggested. I would recommend staying away from Bonanza. I have heard that they are extremely unfair to their sellers. I know this to be fact as I have a few relatives and friends that opened up shot there one of them selling for over 4 years and her shop was closed down with out warning and no notice given and she lost everything, all her pictures, her descriptions everything. So now I stay away from there. Another handmade site to check out!

Artists can open a free store with a small fee taken from each sale with Ananasa doing all the marketing, shipping facilitation and exposure for them. The bargain button feature is one of the coolest features on the site that allows buyer to confidentially negotiate pricing of an item in a comfortable and easy to use virtual bazaar system. We have a vendor marketplace for mom created businesses. We list products and services. Thanks for this article and this list.

There is a big demand by makers out there to find new ways to sell. I believe it is currently the biggest directory of its kind on the internet and can be seen here http: It is for makers looking to sell wholesale to boutiques. I tried Etsy, and ebay. Maybe I will just give up for now. Thanks for the list anyway.

Seems to be helpful list for me,I am looking out for the same to market few products will definitely try the mentioned sites,many thanks. Hi, I will be setting up a shop on Etsy, Ebay, and Bonanza soon. I would like to mention the website http: If you have hand crafted and organic gourmet food you can sell it too.

The site is easy to navigate and it is not difficult to sign up. They offer 10 free products. One more website that I suggest that you can look into is Craftisthan. It is an Indian online store where one can buy as well as sell their handcrafted items by contacting the site.

Another place where you can sell your handicrafts and hand made products is awwstruck. It is an international forum with free shipping worldwide and exclusive range of artifacts sourced from all parts and corners of India. Another excellent resource you can add to your list. Listing crafts is free with no monthly charge or commissions taken.

Another new website for handmade items wholesaler exporter is ghaat. We have started a new where people can sell and buyl products of unique quality. We promote indian handicrafts market who are selling unique indian handicraft , they make with hands and use beautiful designs.

New site but totally free to use. Not many can offer that. I knew very few websites but this post has increased my knowledge too. In my website http: Could you check Foodris , an online marketplace for food and drink products. Zorma is a new marketplace that focuses on personalised and made to order items. We accept all items providing there is atleast one custom option. Payment is sent directly to the seller by Paypal.

Commission charged only upon sale. Its very easy to use. Hello I would like to add this website to the list; http: Thanks TJ, this listing is quite overwhelming but informative. I went through and also wrote down some useful sites that others have posted. I am new to the handmade items craze…but I enjoy making one of a kind unique jewelry and acrylic paintings. I will definitely check out all of these sites and see what they have to offer and where I can grow my handmade designs into a booming business.

Hi TJ, Thanks to you for sharing these handmade things selling directory. The GLC Arts and Crafts is another great place to buy handmade gifts and crafts and for all you crafters who just want to get started selling online you can open a free craft shop.

We offer our guests handmade products of fine embroidery by local women of Hunza Nager valley. We offer door bells,amigo bands,money wallet,passport bags , spectacles cases and many other.

These products are produced and manufactured with great care and following the ancient motifs. You may go through the photos of these handmade products and place your orders; your one kind order can give hand to improve the living of many poor households and individuals striving for a better life and overcome the poverty.

Just wanted to let you know about a handmade site that is strictly only for handmade items. To open a shop is free, and you can list as many products as you like for free. The site offers handmade items for the home and family. I want to sell my own handmade products like pen stand,lamp,paper bags.. Hello TJ, Thanks to share very useful links. Its really helpful for me and others to deal with crafted items. One of my friends crafted handbags hope it would be helpful for him.

I am looking to sell my items on line I had a store for over a year and sold 0 items I do not know what I did wrong but I have closed it but still have a lot of items to sell in a variety of crafts such as wood work, crocheted, sewn, glass work, knitting. I guess what I am asking where and how will the best way to sell my items.

This is such a great list for anyone interested in wanting to start their handmade business but are afraid to setup on their own website first. However I feel Amazon is missing. Is there any specific reason for the same??

Would love to know as I was planning to sell there soon. Thanks to you for sharing information about handmade things selling directory. Its really help to the people who interested in the same. Registration and listing of your craft items are absolutely FREE. You pay some commission only on the product that gets sold through the website. Join the facebook group. I hope this will help me a lot. For the biggest list on the internet of places that artists and makers can sell online over listings with links check out http: You forgot to mention Localbazaar.

How to exhibit and sell your Products without eCommerce website Helping startups to grow. Marketing your Jewelry Topaz and Opal. Show me the money Pearltrees. Cum faci bani pe internet - Sute de Idei, Solutii si Informatii. Your email address will not be published. You Made It Yourself: Email this Article Print This Article.

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