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Enrollment Fee online course option. If he hates being so bad then maybe he needs a new line of work. The visible promise time works both for delivery and carryout, making it easier for customers to game plan around a timeframe. He said the manager was from another store?? The last scene of the commercial showed Ivana Trump asking for the last slice, to which Donald replied, "Actually dear, you're only entitled to half", a play on the couple's recent divorce. I will fight this one for all of us who make mistakes buying stuff online!

Pizza Hut IS Contract Home Agents work from their home office answering the calls for Pizza Hut’s nationwide. It is interesting, very flexible, part-time work that allows you create your own schedule from a range of available hours.

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Might as well call the store to save yourself some time and to ensure one of these home-based idiots doesn't send your order to a different state! Their call volume sucks If you are lucky enough to grab 6 or 7- 30 min blocks a day, don't get too excited, bcuz you may receive maybe 3 or 4 calls during that time.

They are a bunch of con artists. I know that the company is owned by Pepsi I really get annoyed when I order a Coke out only to have the server say Is Pepsi ok? It's not, No one orders Pepsi when dinning out they want Coke. To which I reply I'll have ice tea, thank you.

Why did I say thank you You ask? Because that's a helluva a lot better than mega twit just shoving a Pepsi at me with out even telling me, assuming I won't know the difference. The stuff is pure gack and shouldn't even relegated to fast food joints. You get Coke at McDonald's. I found out that they do have cans of Coke at the Neiman Marcus Cafe for customers who prefer it and the usual customers who have investments in Coca Cola in Atlanta, Neiman's is based in Texas they don't do Pepsi there, so why do they even offer it--total mystery.

I believe in the religious separation of church and state, but as far as soft drinks and pizza,I digress. As far as Pizza Hut is concerned it's not even half assed--ketchup on a giant soda cracker with cheese to please.

Just call Pepsi Co. PepsiCo no longer owns ANY restaurants. Further, more customers prefer brands in the PepsiCo portfolio than in the Coke and Cadbury portfolios combined. As a result, more and more food and beverage operations are switching to brand Pepsi. Complaints about Pizza Hut should be directed at http: Related Questions Does anyone know about the Work from home call center position taking orders for pizza hut? Ganju , Mar 16, I fucking love Pizza Hut!

I haven't eaten there in years! Somebody told me they square pizzas now. I love their dough and sauce! Omgwtfbbq Indicaman , Mar 16, Depends on where you live, and what position you hold Managers and drivers they MAY test- but it isn't at the interview- usually they have 2 interviews and IF you are going to get the job and IF they do testing, they'll schedule it after that point LadyZandra , Mar 16, Sunday, when he said to housemate Bob Wang during a rewatching of that evening's videotaped X-Files episode, "Hey, Wangster, how's about we dial up some killer chow?

After an exhaustive search, it was finally found on the coffee table directly next to the phone. Moondog" Lindeman, a technical-college dropout and noted Austin-area bongo drummer, took the phone order from the two largely incapacitated customers.

Plus, there were a ton of calls on hold, and I was getting pretty stressed trying to get their order and move on to the next caller. But, luckily, me and Greg had just toked down this huge-ass fatty in the walk-in cooler, so I was able to maintain a mellow attitude throughout. Kanner, normally a cashier, was forced to make pizzas that evening due to the absence of regular cook Ronny Poquette, who had skipped work because he was "tripping his ass off.

Monday, the pizza came into material being for the first time. Almost immediately, it reflected the influence of marijuana in the form of its erroneous meat topping, which had not been ordered by the vegetarian Wang.

But I was so high, I got kind of confused about the toppings. It was no big deal, though. Also, Bickell and Wang had forgotten to include their apartment number with the order.

Furthermore, Behr ran out of gas about 10 minutes into the trip and had to walk to a nearby station with a gas can to get more. We invited him in and the three of us just pulled bingers and chowed that shit down. It's, like, against the Wangster's beliefs and shit to eat sausage and pepperoni, but he was cool about it.

To tell you the truth, I don't think he even noticed. I think maybe Barbarella was on cable, 'cause I remember some funny shit with these alien space-chicks or something.

It's kind of hard to really follow the chain of events at that point because, basically, everybody was out of their freaking minds on dope. He estimated that each year in the U. UncleBuck , Mar 16, Who is going into the piss room with you at these drug tests? Seriously, every company that I have been to for an employment drug screen has been staffed by young girls, who look like they would fail the same test.

ClaytonBigsby , Mar 16,

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The Pizza Hut Agent. A New Way Of Working. Pizza Hut Home Agents work from their home office answering the calls of The Pizza Hut customers across the country. home-based work has additional requirements and qualifications beyond those of just a conventional call center staff job. Order pizza online for fast pizza delivery or drop by for carryout. You may also contact Pizza Hut and find out about our catering services for your next big event. Browse available job openings at Pizza Hut. © Pizza Hut, Inc. All rights reserved. The Pizza Hut name, logos and related marks are trademarks of Pizza Hut, Inc.